10 Places you can visit on a budget

We understand, you are in your youth and want to travel around the planet. However, it might not be that easy unless you’re a millionaire. So if you’re high on wanderlust and want to explore the world, we’ll guide you about 10 places you can visit on a budget.

These locations can be explored as an absolute bargain. Go through this list and you’ll realize how it has never been so cheap to see the world.

#2 World’s Largest Mirror, Bolivia

Bolivia is one the cheapest countries to travel to if you're looking to travel on a budget. The daily cost of living along with travel and food would cost you only $20 per day. Enjoy the tropical life while you're there and don't forget to visit the world's largest mirror.

#3 Machu Picchu, Peru

The average cost of living in Peru for a day is $35. This can be reduced if you're into backpacking. You'll need to travel take a train towards Machu Pichu, however, the view is definitely worth the commute.

#4 Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Vietnam is a place famous for its greenery and lively culture. You can spend a week's trip in under $200 comfortably. Mu Cang Chai offers a view you don't want to miss.

#5 Pammukale, Turkey

Turkey is a place famous among travel enthusiast for its long list of views and activities. You can spend a week in Turkey for an insignificant amount of $150. Pammukale is one of the main attractions. Moreover, you can also visit the big mosque in Istanbul and have an air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

#6 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country in the heart of Europe. It is well known for its colored waters with Plitvice Lakes leading the way. You might have to save for a little longer for this one because the daily cost of travel might vary from $50-$60 per day.

#7 Naica Mine, Mexico

If you're in the US, Mexico is the closest foreign travel destination you could opt for. Naica mine is a unique place to visit. Having your photos with this natural work of art can get you famous among your peers. The maximum cost of living for a day is around $40.

#8 Batu Caves, Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most developed nations in Asia. It has both the natural and architectural sites that you can visit. People from all across the world travel to see the Batu Caves because of their beauty. A week's trip to Malaysia would cost you around $300.

#9 Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands can be a unique destination to visit if you're an adventure seeker. The taxi trips and commute can really cheap. You must visit Gásadalur during your stay. It's 50% cheaper than going to Malaysia.

#10 Giza Pyramids, Egypt

If you're a traveler, you must have Egypt on your bucket list. The culture and heritage of Egypt go back to thousands of years. Giza Pyramids are a wonder yet to be explained. You can enjoy your stay in Egypt for a daily cost of $18.

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