Duct Tape Swimsuits Are The Most Daring Swimwear Trend Ever

Fashion can be so weird sometimes. The strangest fashion trends are coming every other day and they are making us question all those big fashion design firms.

Similarly, a new craze is about to roll out onto the beaches. Duct-tape bikinis – yes folks, it’s true! This absurd concept was introduced at a fashion show recently, and it will surely be the most daring swimwear trend ever.

Listed here are 28 photos of women who are only wearing duct-tape on their body. These photos will surely surprise you.

Now sit back, scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well.

#8 Would you like to wear it on a beach?

#10 That took a lot of time to design..

#11 You can wear this on a beach next time..

#12 She seems to be loving the duct tape!

#20 Need to see more of this on the ramp!

#22 Why wear clothes when you have duct tape?

#23 She made it look even more gorgeous!

#26 Looks better than your average designer wear!

#27 Who said you can’t wear duct tape?

#29 She would surely love to wear it again!

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