40 Wittiest Russian Dating Profile Picture Fails

Russia is commonly known as the weirdest place on the planet. People do hilariously weird stuff that often goes viral on the internet.

Well, everyone knows that there’s always a competition going on between Russia and the USA. However, when it comes to amazingly bizarre dating profile photos, the USA is far behind Russia.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 wittiest Russian dating profile picture fails. These photos will make you laugh out loud. Now stop reading, scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these absurdly hilarious photos with your friends as well.

#1 When you wanna date a Marilyn Manson fan

#3 Just a regular day at the mall with Mr and Mrs. Smith

#4 This ought to tell you their intentions

#5 Swipe right if you’re into crazy party nights

#7 She likes knees. That’s all I can figure from the profile picture.

#10 We can do the chicky dance together

#12 I would judge the girl that would date him

#15 I’d be worried if for you if you swipe right

#16 There’s a party going on in there

#17 Get ready for the mosquito monster

#20 When they say girls are trash, this is what they mean

#21 When she wants you to get a spacious car

#22 If you still chose to date him, you’re really desperate

#30 Want a funky boyfriend? You’ve come to the right place

#33 It doesn’t get much cooler than that

#35 It’s from the Halloween photo album

#36 Is he trying to box or look like a T-Rex?

#37 When she’s ugly but has a perfect figure

#39 Why is she coming under the male category?

#40 Who doesn’t like funny women after all?

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