29 Hilarious Drunk Girls Fails

There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne and a few tequila shots.

It’s definitely not a secret that we girls love to get drunk and set ourselves loose. However, some of us don’t handle booze quite well and gets knocked out after 1 or 2 shots.

It goes without saying that drinking and extravagant wing-ding shouldn’t be combined altogether. From mistakenly sleeping on bathroom floors to waking up inside the street dustbin, we have listed up hilarious photos of girls who really sucked at holding their liquor. 

Scroll down peeps and enjoy these absolutely funny drunk fails. Share this post with your besties who like to get drunk often.

#2 Buddies that get wasted together, stay together

#4 Went to take a dump at the pub and found this

#6 There’s always that one friend who comes under fire

#8 She won’t be proud of these photos in the morning

#13 This is where my gf slept last night

#14 Oh the mess they’ve made. Guess I’ll just sleep here and clean it in the morning.

#16 I’m that forever alone girl by the tree

#19 We’ve got multi-talented drunk people all around us

#20 My friends dragging me through life

#21 She’ll have to do the walk of shame soon

#23 Napping with some smokes on. That’s our way to do it

#24 A moment of silence for the fallen soldier

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