36 Most Embarrassing Yet Funny Red Carpet Fails

Red carpets always give the impression of glitz and glamor. However, it isn’t always true. Yes, folks! Red carpets do not always go the expected way.

We’ve compiled a list of 36 most embarrassing yet hilarious red carpet fails that you’ve never seen before. These hilarious photos will surely make you laugh.

From embarrassing topples to weird dressing choices – this list contains fails of our favorite superstars.

Now sit back, scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share the following photos with your friends and make them laugh too.

#2 Climbing the red carpet like zombies

#3 When your clothes resemble the table cloth and you’re not even sorry

#6 Me when mom doesn’t let me buy something from the mart

#8 When Denim sponsors all your clothing

#9 When you’re the creep of the group

#10 Someones looking forward to the party

#12 When you’re least bothered about dress codes

#15 When the tailor puts in all the extra cloth

#17 It could have been the perfect click…

#18 Things got a little steamy on red carpet

#20 Can’t help but fall for the glittery eyes

#21 When she says yes and you can’t believe it

#22 When you forget to wear shoes before leaving

#23 Failed display picture capturing attempt

#26 Who cares about makeup? The paparazzi does!

#28 Ms. Gaga in her dish washing gloves

#29 I wonder where all the Cassette tape went

#31 When you know you’ve got sexy legs

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