20+ Awkward Celebrity Moments

You know that embarrassing moment which makes you cringe every time you think about it. Imagine if it happened in front of millions of people. Twitchy isn’t it?

Awkward moments can happen to anyone!

However, for the celebrities, awkward moments are more embarrassing because they always have a crowd full of paparazzi who try to capture every moment of their lives, especially when they do something completely wrong.

From flubs and falls to funny spills, we have compiled an epic list of 20+ awkward celebrity moments that are downright hilarious and will make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

#1 Spiderman stuck in his own web

#2 Post Saturday night party scenes

#3 Looks like cream to me

#4 Beyonce scaring the little one

#5 When you let out a fart and see people coming your way

#6 The kinda guy all women wanna marry

#7 When you’ve been lazy in the shower

#8 Say no to dandruff

#9 Lip or cheek?

#10 The king of awkwardness

#11 The imitation game

#12 Iron Man Jr.

#13 Katty fooling around

#14 Loud vocals I assume

#15 There’s bidding going on for this hottie

#16 What’s for dinner?

#17 Mr. DiCaprio gone nuts

#18 Secret revealed

#19 Bugger off


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