20+ Ingenious Parents Who Have Fun Solutions to All The Problems

Parenting is a tough job!

You’re on call 24/7 without a break or vacations. Your kids will drive you crazy.

However, with experience parents learn to make things a little easier for themselves by inventing and discovering genius hacks to keep their children in check.

In this post we have listed up photos of some of these amazing hacks in action.

Scroll through these photos and share them with all the new parents in your list. They’ll thank you for it!

#8 This mom knows how to deal with our generation

#9 Charlie’s enjoying gaming with grandpa

#12 Stuff you buy when you’re expecting a baby and later have no idea what to do with

#14 She thanked me for it and has been laying there all day

#16 She has to feel my presence while sleeping

#17 I swear they made it all by themselves

#23 She dropped smarties so now she’ll help me clean

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