20 Best Gadgets of This Year

Technology is progressing and we get to know about many new gadgets each year. People often save from their monthly income to satisfy their gadget lover when something new is launched.

Here we’ll be telling you about the best and most productive gadgets for the year. From gaming consoles to handy cameras, this list has everything you’re looking for.

#1 Nintendo Switch Gaming Console $299.00

Nintendo has taken a step up by providing top-notch graphics in a portable gaming device. It can also be converted into a gaming console when you plug it into its station. 

With its unique Joy-Con controllers, ou can buy the Nintendo Switch for less than $300. 

#2 Google Home Mini Smart Speaker $49.00

The Google has launched a competitor for Amazon's Echo Dot. It is powered by the Google Assistant AI that responds to your voice.

These mini speakers can be bought for $49 a piece. 

#3 Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch​ $295.00

The Emporia Armani smartwatch comes with a metallic finish and unmatchable AMOLED display. It features the Snapdragon 2100 chipset made by Qualcomm for wearables. This one of a kind item can be purchased for $295.

#4 Apple iPhone X $999

The Apple iPhone X is amongst the most sold phones of the year. It represents Apple's vision for the future of smartphones. With amazing features like Face ID, Ultra HD photography and an OLED Retina display, the device just costs $999.

#5 Google Pixelbook​ Touchscreen Laptop​ $749.00

The Pixelbook is an extension of the Google OS device series. It gets full marks for the elegant design and creativity. Moreover, the performance is fast and it also features the Google Assistant.

You can get your hands on one of the best laptops of the year for $749.

#6 ​Olympus Tough TG-5​ Waterproof Camera​ $379.00

Olympus has launched the TG-5 for adventure lovers that need to let go of their camera safety worries. The device can dive more than 50 feet in water without damage. It is crashproof and records in 4K. You can buy this adventure camera for $379.

#7 Cross Peerless TrackR ​Ballpoint Pen​​ $145.51

A ballpoint pen for $145? The amount may seem a little high for a pen. But with its Bluetooth tracker and its ability to connect with your smartphone, the price tag seems justified.

#8 PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console $374.80

The PS Pro is undoubtedly the best gaming console in the market right now. You can play games at 4k resolution without any sound or heating issues. It is also compatible with the PlayStation VR headset. You can buy it for $375.

#9 Apple MacBook Pro Notebook With Touch Bar $1,999.00

The latest MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar, making it sleeker and better in design. It works faster than the previous models and weighs less, making it worth $2000.

#10 Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera $449.00

For $445, you can get your hands on the new mirrorless photographic technology. The camera comes with a 24 MP APS-C sensor, a tilting touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity.

#11 DJI Spark Mini Drone​ $298.99

DJI Spark is the smallest and one of the most intelligent drones in the market. It can make Full HD video through its built-in camera and top-notch image stabilization. It has the ability to avoid obstacles by itself. The cost for this high tech gadget is just $299.

#12 Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch $409.00

Apple came up with its third generation smartwatch this year, giving us the best device of the series. It offers cellular network abilities and allows you to leave your phone behind as you indulge in any exercise or physical activity. The watch costs $409.

#13 Satechi Aluminum​ Multi-Port​ USB-C Hub​​ $99.99

If you have an Apple MacBook Pro, this Satechi multi-port hub is a must-have. It offers all kinds of ports including HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and three USB 3.0 ports. This handy device can be bought for only $99.

#14 eero Home Wi-Fi System (2nd Generation) eero $399.00

eero home Wi-Fi system has made it easier for you to have lightning fast internet in every corner of your house. It is easy to set up and can be synced through your mobile. You can buy it for $399.

#15 Tile Anything Finder Combo Pack Tile $44.99

These sleeky tiles would allow you to not lose anything valuable again. You can attach one of them to the item and whenever your phone comes in its Bluetooth range, you'll get a notification. You can get a combo pack for $45.

#16 Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Prynt $149.99

You can turn your iPhone into an old-fashioned Polaroid camera. This device gives instant prints of your photos on a 2x3 inch zero ink paper. It is compatible with iPhone 6 and above and can be purchased for $150.

#17 Sonos PLAYBASE Home Theater System Sonos $699.00

Sony is well-known for its high-quality home theatre systems. You just have to place this one under your TV and enjoy the surround sound from 10 built-in speakers. The home theatre costs $700.

#18 Airmega 400S Smart Air Purifier AIRMEGA $674.00

The Airmega 400S can keep the air clean in up to a whopping 1,560 square feet of living space, so it more than justifies the price tag. Improve the quality of your life and live healthy for just $675.

#19 Logitech G613 Lightspeed ​Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard​

The Logitech G613 is the best mechanical gaming keyboards in the market. It offers top-notch wireless experience and can be bought for only $95.

#20 Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker Amazon $79.99

Amazon has launched the second generation device of its trademark Amazon Echo range. Its Dolby-tuned dual audio drivers offer the best sound for a device of this size. You can get your hands on this beauty for $80.

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