This Street Artist Creates The Most Amazing and Realistic 3D Graffiti

There was once a time when graffiti was shunned by society labelled as an art form of rogues and rebels, but things have changed now. Thanks to the efforts of artists like Sergio Odeith, Graffiti has carved out a place for itself under the genre of traditional art forms.

Odeith Is a Portuguese artist who has been drawing graffiti since the 90s. Initially he had started with simple designs, however his work has significantly evolved over time. He now follows his own obscure style that he refers to as “Sombre 3D”.His work received International recognition in 2005 for his anamorphic art series depicting giant spiders on walls attacking helpless pedestrians.

In this post we have listed photos of some of our favorite graffiti by Odeith. You can learn more about his work on the following links: Instagram | Odeith | Facebook

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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