20+ Hilariously Silly Security Fails By BRIGHTEST Minds

It is very important that we secure our belongings by obtaining certain security measures. No one wants to spend a fortune on buying upgraded security gear. However, everyone can use their common sense occasionally.

We have listed down some hilarious security fails by brightest minds. These photos are proof that common sense is not so common.  We promise you will be laughing out loud by the time you finish going through these photos. Let us know which photo you like best in the comment box.

Scroll down and have fun folks!

#4 When your little brother tries to stop you from doing something

#6 My favorite road for obvious reasons

#11 When mum doesn’t want you to eat unnecessary snacks

#12 You may break in but you aren’t going anywhere

#16 My value in my crush’s life is no more than this door

#20 Stealing this one would cost a fortune

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