20+ Most Funny Photo Fails Taken at Wrong Time

Some photos are just plain wrong.

They get messed up due to a number of reasons such as bad timing, bad camera angle, bad photo editing or simply unfortunate circumstances. This post is dedicated to all the ruined and failed photos. We have all suffered through such photos at one time or another.

So scroll on peeps and reminiscence your bad photos. Heck share this post with the people who shared the canvas in your ruined photos. Laugh over the memories together!

#5 A face swap that won’t let you sleep at night

#6 Forest Gump ain’t so stupid afterall

#9 Are those demons around the left leg?

#11 The level of excitement is unfeminine

#12 Did you learn about refraction in school?

#14 After Baywatch, we present you “Bee-watch”

#16 Me after the party place takes over my existence

#17 The relationship is intense and complicated indeed

#20 Me after someone says I can’t eat 30 marshmallows together

#23 She’s so hot, her hair caught fire

#24 The moment when people start hating winter

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